The military area named “Lupi di Toscana”, abandoned for many years and in a state of advanced decay, is located in the south-west quadrant of the City of Florence.

Its presence has caused a lack of development that has affected the entire area between the City of Florence and the City of Scandicci.

Since 2015 the military area has been property of the City of Florence that decided to promote an international call for ideas to develop the best solutions for this neighborhood.

The aim is to realize a mainly residential new district. This area has great potentials because it is served by the tramway-line 1 and it is already partially urbanized in order to allow a new urban settlement with a balanced mix of functions, no longer limited to the "enclosure" of the military area, but open to the city.

The City of Florence has promoted “Non case ma città 2.0”, a participatory process involving many citizens who all agreed on the need to regenerate the entire area that at the moment plays a marginal role because of the presence of the military area.



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